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Notebook of Advices

The book is a unique collection of immortal ideas, aphorisms and proverbs. The book includes sayings of famous people. Sophisticated and unforgettable ideas and a treasure of iconic words that are usually ahead of time. The book is full of folk wisdom, proverbs and unique ideas of Georgian writers along with world famous classicists. These ideas will lead readers to unforgettable journey even after centuries!

Notebook of wise advices is exciting and unforgettable. The book is a key in any situations. It fills you with hope and faith. It’s the best gift for your friend, lover, family or child as time cannot affect what’s inside.

The book is decorated with beautiful illustrations and includes biographies of the authors.

Through the many years of our civilization there are some things that remain valuable. Such as proverbs, aphorisms that are always and everywhere meaningful, precious, exciting and charming. This book is unique, always relevant, always valuable, necessary and helpful anytime and anywhere.

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