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A Fabler

– Boy, remember that the biggest teacher in this world is life itself, knowing it means becoming a fabler.

– A fabler? – Tite was surprised. He had never thought about it. He knew what the meaning of a fable was and a little about fablers, he even knew some of them, but had never imagined becoming a fabler himself and that it would have been so easy.

– That’s not easy, – the old man guessed Tite’s thoughts. – On the contrary, there is nothing harder than that. If you perceive any aspect of the life incorrectly, your ideas will lose their value and the work of years writes off.

– What should I do then? – asked Tite.

– Follow me. Nothing you see here is a true life. Life is a completely different thing…

Author Guram Mtvareladze
Genre Prose
Category Fiction
Date of publishing 2010
Cover  Paperback
Size & number of pages 140×190   144 pages
ISBN 978-9941-9109-8-2


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